About us

RUD-Varna JSC is a company with a long-lasting tradition in the field of construction and real estate.       

Throughout the years it has been operating and has expertise mainly in the following areas:

- Construction of residential and commercial real estate;

- Trenchless pipe laying;

- Road construction, including road surface marking and installation of guide rail traffic barriers;

- Construction of internal and external water supply networks;

- Construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks.

The company is governed by a Board of directors, which consists of four people. The chairman of the board and CEO is Zhivko Valchanov. ‘RUD-Invest’ Ltd. is fully owned subsidiary of RUD-Varna JSC.

RUD-Varna JSC has a corporate governance in compliance with standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. These standards
guarantee quality of management on organizational, environmental, and occupational health and safety assessment levels respectively.

RUD-Varna JSC is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. Moreover, the CEO of the company, Zhivko Valchanov, is a member of the regional council in Varna of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. 
Since 2007, RUD-Varna JSC has been registered with the Central Professional Register of Constructors with compliance with the Law for the Chamber of the Constructors, in relation to the execution of construction works with the following range:

First group – high-rise construction, supporting infrastructure, electronic and telecommunication systems and facilities – construction sites from second to fifth category;

Second group – transport infrastructure – construction sites from second to third category;

Fourth group – public infrastructure, hydrotechnical construction and environmental protection – construction sites from second to third category

Fifth group – a variety of construction and assembly works, according to the Classification of Economic Activities – 2008, sector ‘Construction’, classes: 41.20, 42.11, 42.22, 42.99’.

‘RUD-Varna’ JSC is a member of the ‘Road Safety Bulgarian Branch Association’. Zhivko Valchanov, the CEO of the firm, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association. 

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